Best Drugstore Mascara EVER! ✨

Hiii everyone 💖

Recently I have discovered my most favorite drugstore marcara that I have ever used! It’s from the brand essence which I have recently discovered it as well ( the quality of the products is so high and the prices so low which makes the brand so amazing )

Essence have a big selection of mascaras and let me tell you each one of them are so unique…However the one that stole my heart is the #lashes of the day…it’s a super volume mascara that makes my lashes AND my eyes sooo big!!! Every time I am wearing it every one asks me which mascara I am wearing !!!! I highly recommend it

Have a fabulash day 😜❤


Clean Brushes ✨

Hello everyone 💋

One beauty tip that I always give to my to ALWAYS clean your makeup brushes!!!!!

Clean brushes for me means clean face!!!

Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly keeps them soft as there are many bacteria that may cause damage to your face! So, today I am very happy to share with you some tips/steps to clean your brushes!!!

The first step is to put your brushes under a lukewarm water to get the residual makeup off…The second step is to put olive oil mixed with antibacterial clean soap in a bowl!! Another good alternative is to use baby shampoo…Dip your brushes in the mixture and then swirl it around your hand or your cleaning tool (that works perfectly for me because it’s small and I can put it in my hand and clean them faster and better)!Then get another bowl full of lukewarm water and dip your brushes inside to get rid of any excess makeup! The Final step is to lay your brushes upside down in a towel in order to dry faster!!!!

I would love to hear how you are cleaning your brushes and share with me your tips!

Evria xxx

Urban Decay

Urban Decay Obsession 💜

When someone ask me what is my favorite makeup brand I always answer the same question…and that is URBAN DECAY!

I don’t know if it’s because every time I use them I have a loooot of fun or because all of their products are so pigmented and I enjoy wearing them everyday! Either way there products are so unique and feminine! So, today I am going to show you some of my favorite products that I swear by!!!


The first one is my trusty NAKED FLUSHED bronzer/highlighter/blush palette..You can use one or mix them all for a flowless finish…It’s the best for your everyday makeup look and it’s the perfect thing to bring with you when you travel as you have everything in one small palette!

IMG_5238The second item is my favorite mascara ever(Perversion mascara)!!! No other mascara can give to my eyelashes so much volume!! Especially in the mornings when you want to look a little bit more awake put this mascara on and you are good to go!!!!!!

IMG_5252.PNGUrban Decay has so much lipsticks to choose from but this one (FIEND) is my favorite one! It’s a beautiful worm pink color that I can wear from morning until night…this lipstick is so creamy (which I love) and I think that is why it deliver this insane color!!! It goes perfectly with the lip pencil-TURN ON!

IMG_5244.PNGEvery time I am wearing a matte lipstick and I want to have this extra glow I always wear this (LOVECHILD) insane lipgloss! It’s the perfect color for all the nude lipsticks…(that as you know..they are my life)!! It’s so creamy and shiny and the best thing is that it includes vitamin E!!!


…..And for the finale….my 2 favorite palettes EVER!!!!!!!!
Both of them includes the 12 most amazing,pigmented and long-lasting colors!

The first one which is the first naked palette that urban decay has been released is my perfect evening palette!!! It’s a mixture of beautiful mattes and simmers that can promise the perfect eyelook for a night out!!!!!!!
The second one is the naked 3 palette which I wear everyday for a more soft look!!!! It’s the palette that I always have with me on my summer vacations and I can’t leave without it!!!!!It goes perfectly with the 24/7 Glide-On double-ended eye pencil in blackside/blackheart!

Let me know which is your favorite Urban Decay product!

Evria xx



NYX- Lipsticks Love


everyone ❤

Hope you all have an amazing NYE!
Today I am going to show you my favorite NYX matte lipsticks that I can’t leave without!
To be honest with you, 3 out of 4 lipsticks that I am showing you today are all nudes (as its my favorite color to wear every single day) and the fourth is a beautiful rose color!


IMG_5203This one (SMLC04,London) is my daytime lipstick which I am always wearing at university and I have sooo many complements about it… (I think that is because is the one that matches perfectly my skin color 😉 ) it’s the lightest one out of all the 3 nudes!


IMG_5202.PNGThe second one (LIPLI18,Cashmere Silk) is the one that I am wearing usually in the afternoons when I am out with my friends..for shopping or cafe! It’s the kind of nude that I am in love and it’s darker than the first one!!

IMG_5206.PNGThe last one out of all the nudes is this one (LSCL07,Sandstorm)It’s the best color for a night out and I am always wearing it when I go out at the evenings!!! It’s also the perfect brown for lipsticks and in my opinion is the kind of color that is suitable for everyone!

IMG_5199.PNGEvery time I am wearing this lipstick (SMLC11,Milan)it reminds me of roses! It’s sooo beautiful and sweet color and it’s the best alternative for me if I want to wear something different!

All the colors are so pigmented and they are long-lasting (which is the most important for every girl 😉 ) Also they are all PERFECT for every makeup look!!!!!!

Let me know what is your favorite NYX lipstick and I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR ❤


Evria xx


Jaclyn Hill X Morphe

Hello everyone 💋

I am so happy to be posting a review about one of my favorite palette ever! I am a big fan of YouTube and I am watching non-stop my favorite YouTubers! One of them is Jaclyn Hill… she is best known for her makeup tutorial videos and for her collaborations with beauty brands!! I have wanted to buy her palette that she was collaborate with Morphe for soooo long…so here it is!!!! There are 35 amazing colors in it which are suitable for everyone! (Mattes and shimmers ) Also they are so pigmented and super blendable! I am sure that this palette will be included in my everyday makeup routine 😉

I highly recommended you to buy it !!!!!

Ps. Remember to always blend well, for a truly flowless finish

Evria xx